Salem Haunted Happenings
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Salem Haunted Happenings Bus Trip
Saturday - October 7, 2023

Sold Out!

Hello all my Friends, 

I have an exciting trip to the Haunted Happenings Celebration in Salem, Massachusetts on Saturday, October 7th!

This trip will be a free day to do whatever you want in Salem. There will be lots of Halloween related activities on this date including a Halloween parade and party for the kids, psychic readings, Witchcraft Expo, cruises from the harbor, shopping at the Salem Open Market and of course good ol' people watching. There are many attractions, museums and tours and so much to see in Salem! Dress up in your favorite costume if you like!  A true haunted experience!

The official link to the fun filled day can be found here: Salem Haunted Happenings Information

The events Facebook page can be found here:


The cost for this trip is $110.00 per person, and must be paid in full in advance. Seat reservations are held by payment. This trip will sell out fast, so please don't wait to reserve your seat!!! 

You can pay on the website (below) using a PayPal account, credit card or debit card. 
Arrangements to pay with cash or check can be made by phoning us.

The bus will arrive for boarding at the Grand Union parking lot at 217 Erie Boulevard West, Rome at 5:15 am and will leave at 5:30 am sharp, or earlier if everyone is there. We will then pick-up at the Riverside Center parking lot in North Utica at 5:45 am. Sorry, but we won't be waiting for late arrivals. We also offer a pick-up from Hale Transportation at 37 Kirkland Ave (across from the ice rink) in Clinton, but you must arrive there no later than 4:30 am. There will be one rest stop on the way to Salem and one on the way home. 

Departure for home will be at 8:00 pm with one rest stop on the way, arriving back around 1 am depending on traffic.


During our trip, we will have some fun raffles and gift give-aways!  The bus is a comfortable luxury motor coach with a DVD player, monitors and a restroom.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me on Facebook or e-mail me at: or you can phone me at 315-334-5356 or 315-225-0806. Please phone Mon-Fri between 9 am - 7 pm or on Saturday between 11-3 pm. Sorry, but we are closed on Sundays. Thank you.





You can pay securely with your credit card, debit card or Paypal account by clicking on the dropdown box below to indicate the number of tickets wanted and then using the "Buy Now" button. After purchasing, you can print your receipt. If ordering more than one seat, we must have the names of the additional passengers. Thank you!


Salem Haunted Happenings Bus Trip - Saturday, October 7, 2023

Sold Out!

Please use the dropdown box below to choose number of seats and click "Buy Now"


Sorry, but there will be no refunds within three weeks of the trip unless the trip is cancelled. If for some reason you will not be able to go and we can fill your seat, we will be delighted to refund your money!
In the event that we have to cancel the trip for whatever reason, we will refund your money limited to what you have paid to us. We cannot refund money you have paid in advance to others for events/activities that you have planned for at our destinations. Thank you for your understanding. 



Thank you and remember, I love you all!