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Your host: Patsy McCarthy

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at:
or you can phone me at home at 315-334-5356 or on my cell at 315-225-0806. 

Gift Certificates!!!

Makes the perfect gift for our traveling friends! 

Available in dominations from $10 to $100. Please use the link below to make your purchase. 

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Some things to know ...

Unfortunately, there may be times when a trip is postponed or cancelled. In the event that this happens we will refund your money, limited to what you have paid to us. We cannot refund money you have paid in advance to others for events/activities that you have planned for at our destinations. 

Seats are not assigned or saved. If you have a seating preference, please arrive early! Having stated that, please note that the four front seats are reserved for Patsy and/or her assistants.  

All payments for seats must be paid two weeks in advance, unless other arrangements have been made. If you haven't paid in advance, you risk losing your seat reservation.

It is best to arrive at least 15 minutes before departure. The bus will leave at the posted departure time. Sorry, but there is no waiting for late arrivals. At that point, you become a "no show" and no refunds will be given. 

We expect everyone to be on their best behavior at all times. No bad language or obnoxious behavior will be tolerated. Honestly, we have never had this problem, but if we do, the offender(s) will have to arrange for a ride home at their own expense.

We are not responsible or liable for any theft or damage to vehicles, wherever they may be parked for our trips. 

Thank you for your understanding.